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The free courses you may choose among are listed at and click on 'courses.; At present, there are 3043 courses, and this number is continually growing. Note that many of these courses have prerequisites, so must be taken in a certain order.

(Eventually, WUaS will also offer these Creative Commons' licensed courses for credit: &


~ Free-to-Students' Degrees

Enrollment Process

Email a letter of inquiry to Be sure to specify which major/program you are interested and whether or not you have credit for completing college-level courses in the past. You will be asked to submit transcripts of previous work. We will promptly notify you what credits have been accepted and then guide you in laying out the entire set of courses you will take through WUaS.

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Please email - - for further information.

 Free Undergraduate Majors

World University and School is pleased to announce that it now has 29 majors / programs for free-to-students' online Bachelor degrees.

Please search here at ~ ~ for courses you might be interested in regarding:


Electrical Engineering


Art & Culture

Energy & Earth Science



English Literature


Environmental Studies



Food & Nutrition



General Engineering

Philosophy & Ethics

Computer Science

General Science




Social Science

Economics & Finance

Health & Safety

Statistics & Data




Degree Requirements

To receive a Bachelor’s degree, you must complete the following: 15 courses (54 credits) in the major field that you select from the list above, 6 courses (24 credits) in a secondary field that you select from the list, 8 courses (24 credits) in general education courses, and 6 courses (18 credits) of elective courses.

Why you belong here

At WUaS, you will be exposed to all major facets of your major in preparation for immediate employment or for further study in graduate and professional schools.

What you can expect

The on-line courses have been developed by experts with doctoral degrees in their fields. You will learn such fundamental skills as writing papers and reports, presenting oral reports, thinking critically about texts, and becoming information literate.


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Sample STEM-centric lecture at WUaS, which best STEM CC-4 OCW OpenCourseWare WUaS will accredit on:

Professor Anant Agarwal
Lec 1 | 6.002 Circuits and Electronics, Spring 2007


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